Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Difference Between Data Logging and Real Time GPS Tracking

A GPS or Global positioning system is a system that uses satellites and computers to zone in on the latitude and longitude of a GPS system. There are two main uses for GPS signal. The main use is in navigation using electronic maps to give you turn by turn directions. The other type is GPS tracking. This uses GPS to follow or know where someone has been. The two types of GPS tracking are Real Time tracking and Data logging. Both work exactly the same when it comes to how they get their signal from the satellites. The difference is how they get that info to you. The first thing we’re going to look at is real time tracking. Real time tracking is kind of how it sounds. Its tracking you can view at that moment. All real time tracking will have some sort of service fee. The reason for this fee is because the data the device has collected must be sent to a computer or phone by cellular signals much like a text message. If the person selling you the devices tells you it’s real time with no extra charges they’re lying to you. The next type of tracking device is called a Data logging device. This device dose not send the data straight to the computer, you must download the data on to your computer. Most devices come with a program and you use a USB connection to download your information. Hopefully when you decide to buy a tracking device this will help you better understand how they work and what type of device you’ll need.

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